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So Proud of Our Customer!

This is a great case study explaining how MS India is using the Cultural detective to build intercultural competence in engineers supporting enterprise customers. Melanie and I had the honor in participating in the first CD certification in Bangalore many years ago and are proud to be associated with CD ever since. CD has now become the foundation for all of C2C’s intercultural training program and intercultural coaching assignments. Thank you Dianne and well done Heather!

Cultural Detective Blog

MSFT_logo_rgb_C-Gray_DMicrosoft India has been a Cultural Detective customer for six years, and both Heather Robinson and I are so very proud of the abilities their staff members have developed to in turn coach and develop their support engineers’ customer service skills. The entire project has been amazing—truly a privilege to be a part of it! I’d like to take this opportunity to share a bit of their “Cultural Effective” story with you.

Microsoft uses Cultural Detective to coach their large enterprise customer support representatives. In the first six months using the tool, they told us they attributed a 30% increase in customer satisfaction to Cultural Detective! Now, five years later, they know Cultural Detective inside and out, and use the CD Method when interacting with both international and domestic customers.

In March of this year Heather again traveled to Bangalore to work with the trainers, to help improve their abilities to coach using Cultural…

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