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7 Steps to Effective Change Management


The old adage about “If you continue to do things the way you did, you would continue to get the same results” is now outdated. The world is moving at a phenomenal speed – thanks to globalization and technology innovation. Even to keep up the existing level, one has to change.

Change can be tough, and scary, but the good news is that you can learn the skills to manage change, not only for yourself but also on how to manage it with the team around you.

Now that we have established the need to change and manage change, let us look at what happens in the process of managing change.

  1. Change causes discomfort and often leads to frustration. Needless to say, in a situation like this, people are going to “fly-off-the-handle” and this would give rise to conflict. Conflict handling would thus be one key component in managing change.
  2. Change means innovating, creating new ways of doing the same things to increase efficiencies. This area is about process improvements through innovation.
  3. Change means doing things in a way that adds value to the customer. It is no longer limited to delivering as per customer’s plans, but working towards “how do I make my customer successful?” This calls for creative problem solving.
  4. To initiate change and to have it accepted by the team, one would need to be able to present the situation. Having a good skill that can help you make your presentations with impact would go a long way in being the pillar around which change can take place.
  5. Ensuring that you are on the right track of change management, one would need to be able to make decisions based on the ability to question yourself and the data available before you. The skill in rapid decision making is one that can help you lead the change process with the confidence that you are making the right moves.
  6. As the change process is triggered one would need to work together in teams and often helping each other through effective coaching.
  7. Giving and receiving feedback would be another area that can create a difference as you would need to communicate and receive information during the time when you are tracking the effectiveness of the change process.

To be able to handle change management effectively you would need to equip yourself with skills on conflict handling, process improvements through innovation, creative problem solving, presentations with impact, rapid decision making, effective coaching, and giving and receiving feedback are needed.

Post by Sanjay Dugar – C2C Director & Principal Consultant